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ok.  its been a long time between updates.  life is busy.  i have figured out the algae problem.  it was my magnesium level.  once i brought the magnesium up and the calc and alk levels, the algae went away and the tank looks great today.  i will include some pics later on the week or next maybe.

hobby first

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so i was updating the site and surfing around it and found that the hobbies page looked like crap.  what i found is that it is because i didn't have an article attached to.  so this is it.  this is the place where i list the things that i like personally.  these days fish is the hobby i spend most my time on.  i think when i get home from the ski trip with the family i will take sopme pics and update the fish section.
Last Updated on Sunday, 05 February 2012 12:01

genetic algorithms

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this is even cooler yet.  we are embarcing on dabbling in genetic algorithms.  we currently are developing an application that does its job without genetics and it does an ok job but with GA's can be some much more.  the only problem is that the application does not use a database connection which might turn out to be a hog of a performer and never come back with a good solution on a personal computer.  we have to do dsome proof of concepts and see what happens.  check back later to see what happens!
Last Updated on Friday, 19 February 2010 20:01

entries and exits

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so the beginning of last year i started dabbling in the stock market again.  i plan on reading a ton of material about indicators, systems, and technical analysis.  i am going to start this out by including a few links that i am using to trade and chart with.  more to come later.

new apps

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the site is starting to get full.  we have just added our second powerbuilder application to the cart section of the site.  first we loaded our home builder service system.  this system tracks service tickets and punch lists for home builders and new construction.  the second application is a machine loading system.  it was written for scheduling presses and binders for the printing industry.  check out the cart and some of the screenshots.

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