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first berry app

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here we are in the second day of trying to develop our first blackberry application.  we have downloaded the quick start tutorial, the bottom up development approach tutorial, and also the top down approach.  after installing the eclipse development environment for rad, we still can not find the storm on any of the drop down menus.  we will start developing for the curve and use the emulator for testing.

starting blackberry

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well here we are.  we downloaded the blackberry plugin for visual studio 2005.  we also downloaded the mds runtime for the curve and the storm version of the phone.  we got all of this late friday.  we justed started in on creating our first blackberry project in visual studio and on the drop down menu for the phones, we can not find the storm.  so we are downloading the mds studio, which happens to be over 300 megs so it will take a while.  maybe installing that will put the storm in the list.

blackberry java

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upon entering the java portion of blackberry's site, it became apparent that java development empowers us to have control over every little feature of the application.  that encompasses everything from always-on threads that are listening for certain traffic or events to interfacing with bluetooth devices paired with the phone.  we would also have complete access to the gps functionality along with the multimedia ports to the video camera, video player, and song player.  last but not least we would have full access to the encryption and security modules buried within the server and the phone.

For development this option comes with the java development environment for blackberry which is a standalone ide.  it also comes with the software development kit for wireless synchronization to and from the phone.  lastly, it comes with something called the blackberry application web loader.  this would be an alternative application loader for over-the-air installation. 

it seems that the support for java development is somewhat the same except for the addition of forums.  we would expect this due to java is a more widespread and broad development language.  we will be downloading the software shortly so comes back in a couple hours to see whats new!

Last Updated on Friday, 01 May 2009 12:31

blackberry mds

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today we looked at the blackberry mds environment.  it provides more support for the phone features such as gps, hotkey support, and also offline capabilities.  it seems to contain everything that browser development does and more.  it also integrates more tightly with the contact and calendar features of the phone than the browser.  we are able to get 2 development platforms for it, the blackberry development studio or the plugin for visual studio.  we will install both environments to get a feel for the best course of action.  it also requires that the mds runtime be pushed down to the phones.  we are not sure if that is going to be an issue yet or not.  it also looks like it comes with the same level of support that the browser development comes with.  stay tuned.

blackberry browser development

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looking at the browser development option for developing blackberry apps there are some things that really stand out to us.  the first is that blackberry has a new technology coming out, which by the way, is right up our alley.  they use server side push technology which is supported by almost all phones.  it reduces the usage on the phones data plan as well as being able to function when the phone is out of range of wireless coverage.  in other words, your sales force can submit requests offline for queuing when they get back into range and the phone will automatically request the data and then disconnect.  the option comes with developer video support, sample code libraries, docs from blackberry, and also an online knowledge base.  hmmmm...... looks pretty good.
Last Updated on Friday, 01 May 2009 10:12
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