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Home development blackberry welcome to the BlackBerry® development platform

welcome to the BlackBerry® development platform

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we started today learning the basics of how to create cutting edge mobile applications.  the video was very entertaining and we learned there are basically 3 ways to develop berry apps.  there is browser based development, rad, and also java development.  we are still in the process of determining which one is best suited for our needs and the needs of our clients.  java is the most difficult but also the most flexible.  MDS strikes a balance between the 2 and browser based development is the easiest but least flexible.  it seems that after watching the video, we are leaning towards the mds development platform.  it not only provides the good balance between difficulty and flexibility, it also has a plugin for visual studio which is the ide of choice today.  stay tuned as later we dive into more detail about the 3 methods of blackberry development.

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