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i am consistently amazed by the different ways that people view what hell is.  some call it a literal place as in fire and brimstone.  a place where a person or sould goes to literaly burn forever.  a place that is beyond our comprehension of where it could possibly be.  others view it a little different that it is a literal place of fire in a deep chasm beneath the earth's surface.  then there are others who view it as more of a metaphorical place of suffering for the mind.  a place that one can not be at peace.....ever.  the guy that wrote this book make a good point and really thinks outside the box on this one.  he states that hell might just be an absense of all that is good in yourself and that you will be stuck with yourself forever with all the things nasty about what we know today.  hmmmmm........


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in chapter 4 of this book i found a few places that really interested me.  the first was that i should have not been surprised but was a little.  in the bible it was really a bible-believing religous establishment who put Jesus to death.  that just makes me wonder; if they spent their lifetimes believing in the bible and they still put Him to death, what will I do when Jesus actually comes back?

he also says that the tendency of religous people is to use spiritual and ethical observance as a lever to gain power over others.  i believe this to be too true in today's churches.  i have heard too many stories when people look down their noses and the nonverbals say that the type of sin you endulge in excludes you from coming here.  we don't want you here.  you don't fit in here.  go somewhere else.  and i think that no matter how hard we try, and i do say we because i included myself in this group, we will always find it hard and un-natural to love people like Christ does.

the bible also says that whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first myst be servant of all.  whoaaa!  that means i will probably be at the end of the line.  who have i served lately?  not the homeless and starving people.  the bible teaches us that our treatment of them equals our treatment of God.  no wonder my life is the way that it is.


what it should be like

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this is such a cool thing.  i am glad that there are places where the church just does it right.  so i am reading chapter 3 of "the reason for God" and i come across this place where they are talking about going to this church in new york.  it mentions that people are greeted and treated to feel welcomed and included.  they have got it right so far, a church should be a welcoming place.  but it goes one step further with the rest of the sentence.  it goes on to say that those people are treated that way even if they don't believe all of what the church believes.  now thats what i call redemptive love.  hmm.......  i wonder where those words came from?  anyway, thats the way it should be done.  i bet they would even welcome certain parties who debate online with pastors.  :)



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so i was reading chapter 2 of "the reason for God".  this chapter talks about such things as how could God allow suffering in the world.  i came across an interesting paragraph that really sums it all up for me.  it says that tragedy, suffering, and injustice is a problem for everyone.  its goes on to says that this stuff exists for believers as well as non-believers.  it futher says that if you abondoned God because of his so-called lack of love, you are making a big mistake.  The bottom line is that by abandoning God for this reason, it simply will not make the pain, suffering, and hardships go away.  Therefore, we must assume that these thing are caused by another force (the ultimate bad-guy) and also for another reason.

faith and doubt

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my church (connection) is now reading a book called "The Reason for God".  so i decided to follow along and see what i could learn.  i don't even get into the first chapter and i find an interesting sentence.  A person's faith can collapse almost overnight if they have failed over the years to listen patiently to their own doubts, which should only be discarded after long reflection.

how true is that?  as i read the part of this sentence before the comma, i would have believed this writer to be a certified religious nut.  however, the stuff after the comma is super good!  i wholeheartedly believe that no one should take anything at face value. i believe that one should do the research for themselves, put it through the filter of what they know, and then make a decision on whether to believe or not.

the filtering part is where you must search deep and take a leap of faith and pray.  yes, i said pray.  even though you might not believe in what someone is telling you, you must ask the only One that can change you from the inside out.  once the initial seed is planted, then one must wait for the whisper of the Holy Spirit to provide discernment.........or not.


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