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in chapter 4 of this book i found a few places that really interested me.  the first was that i should have not been surprised but was a little.  in the bible it was really a bible-believing religous establishment who put Jesus to death.  that just makes me wonder; if they spent their lifetimes believing in the bible and they still put Him to death, what will I do when Jesus actually comes back?

he also says that the tendency of religous people is to use spiritual and ethical observance as a lever to gain power over others.  i believe this to be too true in today's churches.  i have heard too many stories when people look down their noses and the nonverbals say that the type of sin you endulge in excludes you from coming here.  we don't want you here.  you don't fit in here.  go somewhere else.  and i think that no matter how hard we try, and i do say we because i included myself in this group, we will always find it hard and un-natural to love people like Christ does.

the bible also says that whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first myst be servant of all.  whoaaa!  that means i will probably be at the end of the line.  who have i served lately?  not the homeless and starving people.  the bible teaches us that our treatment of them equals our treatment of God.  no wonder my life is the way that it is.



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